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Daytime House Group meets fortnightly at 9:30 am on Thursdays, and 1 pm on Tuesdays when it includes a meal The group pray, study and discuss the Bible. It is held at different people’s homes in Ley Hill.

Well Seasoned is a village group which meets at the chapel. It is group of mainly retired people who meet fortnightly on Tuesdays at 2:30pm.

Ley Hill Lads event

Ley Hill Lads event

Ley Hill Lads is a men’s group for men aged 15 and over. They have a programme of events during the year, often with the King’s Men, the equivalent group at Chesham King’s Church. Sometimes they meet at a local pub after the Sunday evening service.

Ley Hill Lasses is a womens group which meets occasionally for events and meals.

Alpha courses are held from time to time. Both Alpha for adults and Youth Alpha have been held.

Prayer meetings are held during the week, and there is a prayer board at the back of the chapel where requests may be left.


Christianity has a long history in Ley Hill and the surrounding areas. St Alban who lived not far away was the earliest known British Christian martyr. In the 1400s and 1500s Lollards met locally. These were early evangelicals who met in groups to study the Bible. The last Lollard martyr was Thomas Harding of Chesham, who farmed some land at Dungrove Farm. In 1532 he was burnt at the stake in Botley Dell for reading the Bible in English.

Methodism in the area dates back to the 1760s, and John Wesley came to preach in Chesham most years 1769-1775. Ley Hill was missioned from Hertfordshire by Rev Thomas Green of Watford who set up the West Herts Mission in September 1840. A Primitive Methodist meeting was registered at Ley Hill in February 1841. For many years the congregation met in various cottages near the common. The current Methodist chapel was built in 1887 and was established with 11 Trustees. The porch was added in 1897 and the backroom in 1907.

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